More on Josie’s Ring

This may be very straightforward, as far as I have been able to find my grandmother only ever wore this ring on her finger, she did not wear it on a necklace or use it for any other purpose. I believe the ring was designed to be worn, perhaps due to its value and flashy set stones it was meant to be worn on more special occasions rather than for everyday wear. This is how I assume my grandmother wore it. Perhaps, my grandmother may have worn this costly ring as a symbol of status. I tend to think this may not have been the case because she was not a flashy person and embraced her humble lifestyle, but I cannot be sure, it could have been a possibility. I generally remember her wearing rather simple gold jewelry from day to day, her wedding rings and a necklace. I do not believe this ring belonged to anybody before my grandmother, but as for the chain of ownership, it now belongs to me.

After scouring the LeVian website I can say with certainty this ring is no longer being manufactured. I have only been able to find one identical ring which was pre-owned and listed on ebay. I have not been able to find any details about its original manufacturing other than it being by the brand LeVian and its general specs which I mentioned in my previous post.

I can make a general assumption that my grandmother wore this ring at least once in a way that was clumsy, due to the chip in one of the sapphire stones. Or at the very least, she was being careless and hit it against something else that caused the minor break.

My best chance at learning anything new about the way my grandmother wore this ring was by making a phone call to my grandfather. But he is 89 and is generally not concerned with such small details. There are certain pieces of her jewelry he comments on from time to time, the ones she wore a lot and the ones he specifically bought her for anniversaries, such as a long chained silver heart necklace engraved for their 25th wedding anniversary. I do not think this piece stuck out in his mind, as it didn’t stick out in mine either. However, from the condition the ring was in, I can say with certainty that if my grandmother did not wear it often she still wore it enough. Ultimately, when I had my grandfather on the phone inquiring about my grandmother’s habits of wearing this specific ring he did not have much to offer the conversation.

This ring I believe has had waves of use. I believe there was a time my grandmother wore it, but I believe as she grew older and later into her life she stored it away and it became an object that was hidden away where it remained untouched until years after she passed away. My grandmother wore a lot of costume jewelry pieces, ones that were not of much worth. But she kept especially safe care of the items of hers which were more valuable than the rest. These pieces of jewelry were kept in their own box, stored in a different place than the rest, which only my grandfather knew the whereabouts of. Now, this ring in its second life cycle is being worn again, but not everyday. I wear this ring on special occasions, ones that are family oriented; weddings, engagement parties, special celebratory family dinners– occasions that to me have a special meaning to have a piece of my grandmother there to celebrate with us. Furthermore, I continue to only wear it alone on one hand, it just feels more special that way. But like I believe my grandmother did, when I am not wearing this ring I store it away safely in my jewelry box. It does not become an item that is on display but one that is hidden and tucked safely away. Perhaps at my wedding this will be my “something blue.”

I can never be too certain what purpose this ring fulfilled in my grandmother’s life. Was it a ring that had a significance to her? Did it make her feel as though she had status? Did she simply just like it? I will never know for sure. Despite my painstaking effort to find out more, I am afraid the details of this ring and the role it played in my grandmother’s life have passed along with her.



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