Annotation Assignment

Annotation Assignment for “Reading Things” Chapter of Object Studies

I am testing out a new software that our campus is considering investing in for future semesters. It is called “” and allows classes/collaborative groups to do collective annotation on documents, images, and other shared materials. For our assigned reading from Object Studies on Thursday, I would like you to annotate the chapter with 2-3 comments. Here are some suggestions of what you might add with your annotations:

-A bigger question about Frankenstein, object studies, history, or materiality that a particular section raises for you.

-A comment about a section that you found especially interesting or noteworthy for our discussion. What about it jumped out to you? What did you learn or what interested you about it?

-A connection to other texts that we have read in this class or that you have studied for another class. What similarities and differences do you see to an idea in the chapter, or something that it made you realize about Frankenstein?

-A substantial response to another student’s annotation.

These are just some suggestions—if you find that there is another kind of annotation that you would like to add then feel free to do so!!

Annotations Due by 9:00 a.m. on Thursday, 11/11